Tanka GraphQL library

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  • Execute queries, mutations and subscriptions
  • Validation (new implementation in v0.3.0)
  • SignalR hub for streaming queries, mutations and subscriptions
  • ApolloLink for the provided SignalR hub
  • Apollo GraphQL WebSockets (apollo-link-ws) compatible web socket server (since v0.8.0)





dotnet add tanka.graphql
dotnet add tanka.graphql.server

npm install @tanka/tanka-graphql-server-link


See Sample


Run the dev harness

This repo includes a sample application which is used for testing and development of the SignalR client and the server.

Open the tanka-graphql.sln and start the graphql.dev.chat.web project. This will start a simple chat server using the tanka.graphql.server.

Start the client by following instructions below:

# Install dependencies
src\graphql.server.link> yarn install

# Link the server-link
src\graphql.server.link> yarn link

# Watch for source changes and recompile the link
src\graphql.server.link> yarn watch

# Install dependencies
dev\graphql.dev.chat.ui> yarn install

# Use the linked server-link
dev\graphql.dev.chat.ui> yarn link @tanka/tanka-graphql-server-link

# Watch for source changes and recompile the sample
dev\graphql.dev.chat.ui> yarn start

Run benchmarks

src\graphql.benchmarks> dotnet run --configuration release --framework netcoreapp22